Quality Cactus / Cheap Cactus

You are our very important customer, so we would like to assist in your purchase of cactus plants.

Buyer Beware! You get what you pay for!
Our prices are parallel to other cactus nurseries in Thailand, so shopping for a Thai cactus is by your personal preference. Color, quality, appeal. Quality of a Thai cactus does command a slightly higher price. You may find prices cheaper in another country such as China Why? You are getting what you pay for! Lower quality. Period!

We do not "mill" our plants, that is, we do no mass produce our plants. Each plant is carefully maintained through its growth using all natural resources. You are getting quality that you will enjoy for a long period of time. Afterall, isn't that what you were looking for? Quality, Beauty and Satisfaction?



Quality, quality, quality! When purchasing any item of exceptional quality. you will pay a higher price for the quality.

A cactus of exceptional quality is no different. All cactus are categorized between low quality to high quality. Milled or massed produced cactus nurseries are considered low quality, therefore, their product is cheap, because there is no quality to the plant. The price is low, but the quality and survival of the cactus is at the absolute low end of the spectrum.

Our Thai cactus is of high quality and is very visible and recognizable. You will see colors that are natural that cannot be reproduced through milling. You are purchasing an exceptional quality product. If you are a buyer, your customer will appreciate this fact.

Bulk Purchasers... Beware!

Purchasing cactus plants by bulk; we know you want the best quality at the best price. However, you notice that the price of an identical plant is cheaper somewhere else, usually outside of Thailand. You think that the cheaper cactus is a "great" deal.


A cheap cactus plant should open the door to questions, such as what type of environment is the plant grown in, can it be aclimated safely to a new environment? What type of medium do they use? It is "manure" or a process that artifically induces the growth of a plant? Will the plant survive the shipment to your port of entry? If 3 out of 5 plants die, is that okay?

Here in Thailand, all cactus growers take great "pride" in their product. Each plant is well maintained through its growth cycle. You will see the difference in the quality.

At PETCHTAMSEE Cactus, we pride ourselves into growing quality cactus plants in an all natural environment. The result is a well-balanced plant that is hearty and most importantly, a beautiful plant neutured by mother-nature. We do not use any chemicals or "manure" to force the growth of our plants. Colors of our variegated cactus are all natural. We do not carry "low" quality cactus, only cactus of exceptional quality.

For oversea's buyers, please be careful on where you purchase your bulk order from. It can end up very costly.



For the customer, quality Cactus enthusiasts. We have authentication certificate to confirm your cactus certified by PETCHTAMSEE nursery.